Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver’s name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website.

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A letterhead is a formal sheet of paper that is custom made for a company. It is often used when one has to compose a business letter, proposals, memorandum, and other company circulars or means of correspondence. When one takes a look at a letterhead, it will be noticed that is has a company’s pertinent information printed on its top most portion. Information such as company logo, company name, exact address, contact number, facsimile number and website address number, fax and website address are usually seen on a letterhead. And it is often paired with a matching envelope bearing the same company information. It is also a substantial symbol of one’s business and services in front of its’ existing and potential customers, employees and the government as well. Thus it is essential to provide strictly factual company related details on a letterhead. It is often considered an essential document that represents a company or business it is also a kind of legal document for an organization that is utilized for all kinds of business correspondence. Normally a letterhead is a stationery sheet used for both internal and external written communication with different departments within a company and even with other companies. Letterheads are used for sending business proposals, quotations, Human Resource related issues or composing letters for appointment, appraisal, promotion and termination of services, making purchases and written references in behalf of a company. A letterhead helps a company build its identity to distinguish it from other companies, develop brand image and control a company’s business presence. Letterhead priting is very important in any kind of business. It is what represents a company directly to the outside world. One has to meticulously provide factual pertinent information when creating a letterhead. Just like most business materials, a letterhead needs to be created in a way that it appears to be appealing and eye-catching. It should as much as possible be flawless in terms of its overall design. It should possess high quality graphics to come up with a perfect and elegant looking letterhead. It should not be limited to being a mere stationery product instead from a business point of view, it must be something of vital importance. The use of a letterhead in any written correspondence legalizes a document.

Flyers are one of the most used promotional materials. They are effective and they show very fast results. For that reason, our flyers have: Different size options Different front and back color options Are available in quantities of 100 to 10.000 per order Have different paper stock options Have a fast turnaround time Everything you need to know about flyer printing Upon hearing the word flyer, we would think of leaflets, circulars, brochures or handbills that are normally handed over to us by a person. Basically, a flyer is a single sheet of flat paper material that is printed with some pertinent details such as business name, products endorse, office location or event’s name, location and date of event. It is supposed to be distributed freely to the public often times to passersby. Some ways to distribute is to give it by hand to each passerby, or leave it on counters where people can get it for themselves, or clip it onto the vehicle’s windshield. Most of the time these printed flyers are used for marketing campaigns to promote one’s business name, or the products carried by a business. We call these as business flyers. Some of the common flyers are notices to the public either about upcoming events or anything urgent that the public might need to know about, and the flyers used for it are called printing leaflets. The use of flyers or printed leaflets are said to be the most cost-efficient way to advertise anything in particular. It is made to be simple in appearance yet able to convey the idea of what needs to be said on it. The usual material used for it may be a plain colored, small, single sheet of paper and a monotone ink for its printed details.